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These Are The Days…



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I’ve fallen head over for a pair of Marc Jacobs’ heels. These beauties are beckoning me (and my battered credit card) with their siren calls. Here they are displayed on the gorgeous Gala’s feet.

This week I’m on a mission to hunt a pair down. Ebay has failed me so far, so it looks as though I’ll have to brace myself to tackle Marc Jacobs, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty…But since these shoes have been spotted on the likes of Alexa Chung, I fear dear readers, that they will have already sold out!

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Girl en Vogue: Alexa Chung

Preppy chic with a twist is what 24 year old British TV presenter, Alexa Chung does best. She has managed to put loafers, barbour jackets and over-the-knee socks back on the fashion radar, but this time round they’re not frumpy. Mixing them all up with vintage rock t-shirts, heavy pendants, loose cotton dresses and her mile long legs give these items more of an edge. The most important factor of Alexa’s style is that without fail she always looks comfortable and at ease in her clothes. A quality which is elusive for most people but when harnessed is utterly alluring.

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