Readers, your girl is in need of a short break and is hoping to escape for a lovely short city break in Europe. This is all very last minute and rushed, but the basics are I’ll be travelling solo, flying out on Saturday and staying for three days in either Lisbon, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Vienna. I thought I’d fill you all in on my dilemma as I’m hoping to take advantage of my global audience for advice. Maybe you live in these cities or have visited them before – I’m looking for advice on what there is to do and see, any festivals or events going on this weekend? Please feel free to leave comments or email me directly with suggestions – but be quick I have to book my holiday by Friday at the latest! Yikes! 



Mystery Girl

This girl caught my eye as I trawled www.icanteachyouhowtodoit.com for fashion week parties. She has a feisty spark in her eye and with her look. I love the feminine, floral patterned dress juxtaposed with the tough leather cuffs and hard-as-nails rings. And how does this girl manage to remain fresh faced mid-party meltdown?! What is your secret? And who are you? Mystery girl reveal your identity…

Come to Mama!

I’ve fallen head over for a pair of Marc Jacobs’ heels. These beauties are beckoning me (and my battered credit card) with their siren calls. Here they are displayed on the gorgeous Gala’s feet.

This week I’m on a mission to hunt a pair down. Ebay has failed me so far, so it looks as though I’ll have to brace myself to tackle Marc Jacobs, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty…But since these shoes have been spotted on the likes of Alexa Chung, I fear dear readers, that they will have already sold out!

Nancy Cunard to the Max

When I saw this editorial from the fabulous Danish magazine Cover – my heart leapt.
Firstly, the return of the fabulously feline Louise Pedersen to glossy fashion pages. Secondly, is the incredible styling which made me think of that great British eccentric, Nancy Cunard with her turbans and African fetishism (ie. animal prints and clunky, heavy jewellery). But one must also give Mr Sjodin kudos for the fierce photography which reminds me so much of Richard Avedon’s work for US Vogue during the ’70’s.

Jungle Fever

The days are getting darker, the chill has set in and Winter is most definitely upon us. Well, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. This season is my favourite when it comes to the joys of dressing up. It’s a challenge, artfully layering up to keep warmth close to one’s skin. And there is one trend which is so intrinsically associated with Winter – namely, Fur.

Fur has a complicated history and a controversial one at that. It has been popular Winter clothing for it’s superior insulating abilities, but has also been a symbol of wealth and exclusivity over the decades. Fur has cloaked the Zelda Fitzgerald’s of the Golden Jazz Age, the Gloria Swanson’s of Hollywood to the glamorous film stars of the 1960’s like Ursula Andress and Studio 54 glamazon’s such as Diana Ross.

Then in the 1980’s came the PETA protests , railing against the fashion world and celebrities on the usage of fur. For a long period, people were often too scared to wear fur or faux-fur for fear of being splattered by paint by these angry protester. There were the famous anti fur campaigns starring the Supermodels of the ’90’s (‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’). But the allure has been hard to resist and many of those very same supermodels have been photographed since wearing fur/faux fur, most notably Kate Moss. She has one of the biggest collections of vintage fur coats and accessories from a black and white striped Monkey fur jacket to a black astrakhan coat.

But now it seems we’ve entered into an age of defiance. How can one be abhorred by trade in animal fur when we still continue to wear leather? In the August issue of Vogue Paris this year, Mario Testino photographed Raquel Zimmerman lampooning anti-fur protesters during Paris fashion week. To wear fur, whether real or faux, is now a statement and for the fearless.

Julia Von Boehm works the very sensual and sexy fur coat against bare skin look. It always manages to put men’s imagination into overdrive. Or be bold like model Lily Donaldson and wear zebra-printed fur. Jen Brill amps up the glam factor with her excessive fur pellet whilst Yasmin Le Bon keeps it simple with a fur trimming along her jacket to frame her face perfectly. Barbara Martelo looks super chic and the beautiful stranger photographed by Geraldine clashes leopard print pellets with a patterned silk scarf brilliantly.