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The gorgeous model Chanel Iman appeared at last night’s CDFA event dressed to thrill, channelling the Bianca Jagger look like no-one’s business.



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Mystery Girl

This girl caught my eye as I trawled www.icanteachyouhowtodoit.com¬†for fashion week parties. She has a feisty spark in her eye and with her look. I love the feminine, floral patterned dress juxtaposed with the tough leather cuffs and hard-as-nails rings. And how does this girl manage to remain fresh faced mid-party meltdown?! What is your secret? And who are you? Mystery girl reveal your identity…

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Welcome to my new feature ‘Girl du Jour.’ It places the spotlight on women, who’s style is captivating yet who are quite elusive.

I begin with model Natasha Gilbert. This British girl captivated me about a year ago when I saw a candid picture of her in a magazine wearing a black shoulder-padded minidress, fishnets and smackings of red lipstick. There before me was a stunning creature, with a playful ability to wear the hallmarks of the ’80’s without ever looking tragic.

To me she evokes a female Johnny Depp, deshabille and utterly alluring, working a decade’s style like no other…

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