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These Are The Days…


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End of the Game

For half this weekend my head has been immersed in my latest photography book – Peter Beard.

If you are not familiar with the name, undoubtedly you’ll be familiar with his work.

Handsome American lad from wealthy and prestigious background journeys to Kenya and falls in love with the land. The Wildlife. The people. Beard documented his life in Africa in his photographs and diaries. Moving in glamorous circles it wasn’t long before his diaries were noticed and he was brought to the attention of Vogue magazine and began to do fashion shoots with Verushka stretched out in front of rhinos.

Beard ‘s diaries also include candid photos of his friends, who just happened to be Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali, Jackie Onassis, Andy Warhol and the Jaggers amongst others. Beard was obsessive about documenting everything he came across and placed them in his collages, ripping out newspaper clippings, snakeskins and even staining them with Ava Gardner’s blood (at his home she cut herself on a wineglass and he rushed to capture her blood on one of his diaries).


It is impossible to appreciate his work from a far. Grab one of his books and be transported.


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The gorgeous model Chanel Iman appeared at last night’s CDFA event dressed to thrill, channelling the Bianca Jagger look like no-one’s business.


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There is a voyeuristic gene within us all, and since I’m in the process of re-decorating my place, I’ve found myself drawn to people’s interiors for inspiration. Two websites allow me to indulge my curiosity more than others. There is firstly the fabulous theSelby, which delves into the homes of impossibly rich, young creatives with their chaotic interiors and quirky accessories.


And I’ve just recently discovered The Style-Files which concentrates on chic interior and designs by Europeans (in particular Scandanavian and Dutch).

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Readers, your girl is in need of a short break and is hoping to escape for a lovely short city break in Europe. This is all very last minute and rushed, but the basics are I’ll be travelling solo, flying out on Saturday and staying for three days in either Lisbon, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Vienna. I thought I’d fill you all in on my dilemma as I’m hoping to take advantage of my global audience for advice. Maybe you live in these cities or have visited them before – I’m looking for advice on what there is to do and see, any festivals or events going on this weekend? Please feel free to leave comments or email me directly with suggestions – but be quick I have to book my holiday by Friday at the latest! Yikes! 


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